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At Switch Technologies, we provide advanced technology solutions and consulting services to help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Our Solutions

We provide wired and wireless enterprise solutions that guarantee stability, security, and speed to meet the highest expectations of customers. We work with our customers through each stage of a project to provide positive outcomes engineered for success.

Staying Ahead of Industry Changes

We proactively keep track of market dynamics, regulations and vendor needs to update our technology and help you save considerable time and resources on maintenance.

Our Solutions

We provide wired and wireless enterprise solutions that guarantee stability, security, and speed to meet the highest expectations of customers. We work with our customers through each stage of a project to provide positive outcomes engineered for success.

Staying Ahead of Industry Changes

We proactively keep track of market dynamics, regulations and vendor needs to update our technology and help you save considerable time and resources on maintenance.

Comprehensive IT Solutions

Switch Technologies designs, implements & supports world class solutions to meet any IT challenge. Explore some of the solutions that we offer below:

Enterprise Wired and Wireless Solutions 

Switch Technologies leverages world class network equipment to provide the stability, security and speed that your end users have come to expect from their IT environment.  

Switch Technologies utilizes the latest technology and standards to meet the highest expectations.  There is no doubt that the quality of the hardware and software plays a major role in the ongoing success of your network.  However, the level of expertise and care to which the solutions are designed, configured and supported is paramount. 

Switch Technologies works with our customers through each stage of any project.  From concept, design, provisioning, and integration and post-installation support, we take pride in providing positive outcomes that are engineered for success.

Modern networks must provide a seamless experience for the end user whether they are on a wired medium, wireless or even connected remotely.    

Firewall, VPN, SD WAN & Filtering Solutions

There is nothing more critical for business continuity than access to the Internet.  Whether you are managing a K12 School District, a hospital or a small business, there is no tolerance for disruption of service or lapses in security.  Switch Technologies is well versed designing and installation of tailored firewall solutions with the following capabilities:

  • Layer 7 application policy
  • SD WAN, QOS and Link Balancing
  • IPS/IDS security scanning
  • Anti-Virus Scanning
  • High Availability
  • SSL Inspection

Trust Switch Technologies to implement a solution that meets your specific needs in this critical area of your network.  

Nearline / Offline Backup Solution

Do you want to make sure that you have months or years of backups available for a full restoration while keeping costs and recovery times low?  Do you want to satisfy DR plans and maintain control over your data?  Do you want to make sure that your backups are segregated and offline to potential vulnerabilities? 

If you answered YES to any of those questions, it may be time to SWITCH to the STI Nearline / Offline Backup Solution that keeps your environment and users online.  Each Solution is custom tailored to fit your environment’s needs and budget while maintaining the fundamental design elements to protect your backups.  We even have the ability to create a briefcase implementation to store months of backups offsite or in a safe.

Virtual Server & Backup Infrastructure 

Virtual Server and Backup Infrastructure solutions are two critical components of modern IT systems.

Virtual Server solutions allow organizations to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server, allowing for more efficient use of hardware resources and increased flexibility in deploying applications and services. This technology allows organizations to rapidly provision new servers, adjust resources to meet changing demand, and scale up or down as needed.  Switch Technologies has partnered with VMWare to provide seamless virtualization solutions that scale to any size environment.

Backup Infrastructure solutions, on the other hand, are designed to ensure that critical data and applications are protected from loss or corruption. This includes regular backups, redundant storage systems, and disaster recovery plans. With the right backup infrastructure in place, organizations can quickly recover from any unexpected data loss or system failures, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Together, Virtual Server and Backup Infrastructure solutions provide a strong foundation for modern IT systems, enabling organizations to maximize efficiency, agility, and resilience.

Cloud-Based or On-Premise E-Mail Archiving

Switch Technologies offers an efficient and cost effective solution for reliable email archiving.  We provide a managed mail backup solution that can be implemented as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.

The solution provides a way to archive your institution’s email without the cost, overhead, and / or liability of maintaining the data yourself.  It also adds a layer of insulation between your users and the accessibility of FOIA’able data.

Privileged administrators have access to their organization’s email database through a secure web browser connection. The archived email is highly organized and easily searched to ensure that all data can be retrieved in its original form and in a short time. Archived email can be exported in pst and pdf formats.

Network Monitoring

Campus networks are increasingly complex, supporting a wide variety of business critical wired/wireless services. Managers can no longer afford to simply react to problems, but must position themselves to foresee performance issues by continuously monitoring critical systems.

Traditional network management systems (NMS) provide a mechanism to scrutinize network operation in great detail. However, these systems are difficult to implement and costly to maintain. The high overhead associated with commercial NMS systems has discouraged many managers from utilizing these solutions – leaving them with no tools to anticipate and trouble-shoot service issues. 

Switch Technologies addresses this with its Simple Network Monitoring System (SNMS).

SNMS is an authenticated-access, on-site monitoring server administered via easy to understand web pages. Integration into a network can literally take minutes and continued management is equally convenient.

SNMS contains tools to monitor network switches, wireless controllers, servers, VOIP  systems and to alert when failures are detected. The system also contains a wide variety of tools to help trouble-shoot and repair failed services. SNMS maintains persistent device log files and SNMP traps as additional aids for problem-solving.

Enterprise VoIP with World-Class Unified Communications capability

Switch Technologies has installed multiple systems in the NY metropolitan area. These systems have successfully processed over three million calls. Switch Technologies is regarded as a leading installer and support vendor for the OSBiz system – providing support services for customers across the US and in Europe. 

The OSBiz system is an ideal VOIP solution for organizations ranging from 20 to 2,000 handsets and is a recognized world-leader in Unified communications capability.

Structured Cabling 

Often overlooked, if the physical layer of your network is not implemented properly nothing else matters. Switch Technologies can provide a range of structured cabling solutions that you can rely on.    

Whether your need is for a single drop or to design and install cabling for an entire building, Switch Technologies can be a one-stop resource to turn to. 

Structured Cabling Services

  • Fiber Optics – installation, termination, certification, testing, repair
  • MDF/IDF Creation/Remediation – rack and cabinet installation, closet and rack cleaning, redesign, labeling, patching, greenfield installation and design
  • Copper Cabling – new cable installations of any size
  • Cable & Wiring Repair Services- identification and/or repair of existing infrastructure


Did you inherit network closets that resemble a spaghetti dinner? Do you have a mess of patch cables in your network closets that cannot be untangled?  What about old data cable drops that are not labeled and going to unknown locations?  Let us untangle and reorganize the mess you inherited.  We pride ourselves on our ability to clean and reorganize any network rack, closet or data center whether we are installing new equipment or reorganizing existing gear.  

Structured Power Solutions 

Switch Technologies offers managed power solutions customized on a closet-by-closet basis. Upon assessment of the closet load, we design a unique blend of equipment to provide clean power and extended run-time of up to three hours of full operation. Given today’s security concerns, it is paramount that security cameras, lock-down systems, PA and VOIP services are all on-line with sufficient time to respond and remediate appropriately. 

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