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Unmatched Experts

Our company prides itself on having a team of unmatched experts in their respective fields, with years of experience and a deep understanding of industry trends and best practices.

World-Class Support

Switch Technologies offers top-notch customer support, ensuring that our customers receive the help they need when they need it.

Speed & Security

We understand the importance of fast and secure services, and we make it our priority to provide both to our customers.

Trust & Loyalty

Building trust and fostering loyalty are key values for our company, and we strive to earn and maintain both from our customers.

Experience & Innovation

With years of experience and a commitment to innovation, we offer cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to our customer’s unique needs.

Our Story

Switch Technologies is the product of three seasoned techies in the K-12 vertical who expected better than what was currently being offered. The company has two primary goals: Provide the best possible service to our customers and do as much as we can for our employees. We also made a very intentional decision to only engage in business relationships with companies that had a passion for their solutions and making successful partnerships. While it is important, we are not bottom line driven. Instead we aim to create lasting and trusted relationships that make both parties successful. The product of our initial philosophies has enabled us to be one of the best in the industry. We continue to be extremely dedicated to delivering high-quality results for our customers and staying at the forefront of technological innovation.


Switch Technologies has three principal Partners that manage contracted technicians and all company projects. They also act as lead project managers and technicians on major integration projects and complex tasks.
Partner, Manager, and Engineer
Partner, Manager, and Engineer

Partner, Manager, and Engineer

For schools

There are a few reasons why a school district should consider making the switch to a seamless digital future with Switch Technologies

Improved Learning Experience

The learning experience for students can be enhanced by providing access to a wider range of educational resources, including multimedia content, interactive tools, and online collaboration platforms.

Increased Engagement

Digital tools and resources can help engage students in their learning by making it more interactive and personalized. It can also help teachers to track student progress and identify areas where additional support may be needed.

Flexibility and Convenience

We can equip students and teachers with solutions that provide the flexibility to work and learn from anywhere at any time. This can be particularly useful during times of remote learning or when students need to miss class for any reason.

Cost Savings

The use of online and digital resources can help schools save money by reducing the need for textbooks, paper, and other traditional classroom materials. Additionally, these solutions can help schools save money on infrastructure costs by reducing the need for physical classrooms and equipment.

Preparation for the Future

Students are more prepared to enter the workforce armed with the skills that they have acquired during their academic tenure using the digital landscape provided by their educational institutions. It can also help prepare them for the increasingly digital world they will be living in.

For business

A properly planned and executed technology solution by Switch Technologies can provide numerous benefits for small businesses, including increased efficiency, improved customer experience, cost savings, increased flexibility, and a competitive advantage.

Increased Efficiency

A correctly designed network foundation enables businesses to implement automated processes, such as invoicing, inventory management, and customer relationship management. These efficiencies lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and yield a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Improved Customer Experience

Businesses rely on technology to engage with consumers and facilitate a better experience by offering online ordering, customer service & support, personalized recommendations, and targeted marketing. Outages to these services can have a tremendous negative impact on those interactions. Rely on us to provide the best time to resolution for any technical issues you face and keep your customers happy.

Cost Savings

Switch Technologies can help small businesses save money on operational costs by identifying items in their IT environment that are not maximizing their potential ROI. These items can vary in scope but the end result can be significant.

Increased Flexibility

The migration to cloud based environments or the implementation of specific technologies in your network can offer small businesses the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, making it easier to manage remote teams, serve customers in different time zones, and adapt to changing business needs.

Competitive Advantage

By embracing our recommended platforms, small businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer solutions that save time and money. This enables them to focus on improving quality, customer satisfaction, and growing the business.

Our Featured Clients

Make the Switch to a Seamless Digital Future

Marcus Luck

Partner, Manager, and Engineer

Marcus Luck has worked with schools in a technical capacity since 1999.  His duties for the last several years consisted of Account and Project Management, varying degrees of Multi-platform Technical Support, System Administration, Cloud Migrations & Management, Virtualization, Storage Consultation, and Network Design, Support, & Integration.  He works closely with the Switch Technologies technical staff providing oversight and professional development.  His experience with school districts has enabled him to assist Superintendents and Technical Coordinators / Directors to prepare budgets, allocate resources, assign district allocations, train staff, and coordinate support.  

Marcus holds certifications as an Apple Certified Systems Administrator, SAN Technologies, Extreme Switching and Routing Engineer, Extreme Dragon Intrusion Defense Engineer, Barracuda Security Gateway Engineer, Barracuda Web Security Engineer, Barracuda SSLVPN Specialist, Veeam VMSP & VMTSP, VMWare VSP & VTSP Foundation/Server Virtualization, Axis Level Video Certified Technician, and is NASA certified in Electrostatic Discharge.  He maintains his certifications and attends training courses year-round to stay current in the technologies that STI supports.  Marcus has held both NATO Secret and Secret US security clearances in the past.

Marcus has performed network integrations, configured servers, deployed workstations, and provided technical support in over 75 schools in New York.  He has also configured, recommended, and supported web filtering/caching devices, email firewall devices, VPN/Firewall devices, database servers, web servers, email servers, IP pbx devices, email archiving devices, switching devices, network monitoring devices, wireless LAN technologies, and network security devices from many vendors.

David Pijacki

Partner, Manager, and Engineer

David Pijacki has over 20 years of experience in the design, implementation and support of core network technologies .  During this period, he has acted as a lead technician and project manager on many small and large-scale technology integration projects.  These projects include core network router installations, edge switch installations, Firewall & Network security solutions, SD WAN, wireless network design, Network Access Control integrations, network policy and IPS.   David is an expert at the ExtremeControl NAC solution and integration of advanced security policies on the wired and wireless networks.    

David has designed, implemented and supported complex wireless solutions for many businesses, hospitals, and K12 campuses primarily focusing on Extreme Networks and HPE/Aruba solutions.  David is a lead engineer for layer 1, 2, & 3 network integration projects.  David has also executed many projects focused on the perimeter of the network.  He has experience integrating and supporting multiple vendor technologies including Extreme, Cisco, Alcatel, HPE, Barracuda, Fortinet, Avaya among others.  

David has designed and implemented High Availability and redundant network designs along with comprehensive security to mitigate the ever increasing threats and preserve network uptime and stability and continues to be intimately involved in ongoing support of his implementations.  

Over the last seven years David has acted as a liaison between Switch Technologies and its customers and has directly managed onsite technicians. 

Roger Pijacki

Partner, Manager, and Engineer

Roger has over 45 years of experience in the design, deployment and support of IT services. Roger worked at SUNY Stony Brook for 16 years, during eight of which he served as the first CIO at the university, in charge of all major technology services on the campus. 

He left Stony Brook in 1993 to start an IT support company that grew to 60 employees and had a client list that included dozens of Long Island school districts.  He has designed, implemented and managed hundreds of projects for the K12 market.

Roger has an expert level of competence in network design, deployment and security. He has a thorough knowledge of VOIP systems, UNIX and LINUX systems, e-mail systems, TCP/IP protocols and software design. He has programmed complex IT systems, including network monitoring appliances, mail archiving solutions and database environments that support the back-end operations for multi-million dollar corporations. Roger currently holds certifications from Unify, Extreme Networks, and Barracuda Networks.