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Switch Technologies, Incorporated (STI) offers premium support and integration services on any technology for any sized institution. STI understands the entire process of implementing new technology into complex and dynamic environments. From choosing the technology, budget concerns, implementation, and support, STI will bring the process to a smooth culmination while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and technical expertise.

SNMS: Simple Network Monitoring System


SNMS - Simple Network Monitoring System

As networks become increasingly complex, managers can no longer afford to simply react to problems, but must position themselves to foresee performance issues by continuously monitoring critical systems.

Traditional network management systems (NMS) provide a mechanism to scrutinize network operation in great detail. However, these systems are difficult to implement and costly to maintain. The high overhead associated with commercial NMS systems has discouraged many managers from utilizing these solutions – leaving them with no tools to anticipate and trouble-shoot network issues.

Switch Technologies, Inc. addresses this dilemma with its Simple Network Monitoring System (SNMS). The design philosophy of SNMS is to provide a service that is easy to purchase and easy to implement.

SNMS is an authenticated-access, on-site monitoring server administrated via easy to understand web pages. Integration into a network can literally take minutes and continued management is equally convenient.

MailSanctuary: Highly Scalable, Searchable and Secure Remote E-mail Archiving


Switch Technologies - Mail Sanctuary

Many IT directors are contemplating the new legislation that has made it necessary to archive and organize all electronic communications that pass through their institutions domain. The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, found here, demand that an organization be responsible to produce any email which may pertain to a federal court case. Many IT directors are wondering what solution is best to safeguard their organization against future liability.

Switch Technologies is proud to offer an efficient and cost effective solution that removes this responsibility from the organization. Introducing the MailSanctuary off-site mail backup solution. MailSanctuary offers an easy, cost efficient way to archive your institution’s mail without the cost and overhead of managing a large storage system with your institution’s present resources. Administrators will have access to their organization’s email database through a secure web browser connection. Not only is the mail stored but it is highly organized and easily searched to ensure that any data can be retrieved in its original form and in a short time. Data is searched and displayed using our intuitive MailSanctuary search interface.